My travels through the Colorado Plateau of southern Utah and northern Arizona.
By John Fuhring



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Introduction An introduction to the story of my travels around the Colorado Plateau of south east Utah and northern Arizona.
Chapter 1. The trip from Santa Maria to Zion National Park including the parts of Zion National Park I didn't visit this trip
Chapter 2. From Zion to the Grand Staircase National Monument, up Cottonwood Canyon, through the Cockscomb (Kaibab Monocline) and on to Kodachrome Basin State Park
Chapter 3. Kodachrome Basin to the Burr Trail, descending down through the Waterpocket Fold, on to Bullfrog, a ferry across Lake Powell and on to Natural Bridges National Park
Chapter 4. Natural Bridges National Part North to The Goblins State Park including parts of Natural Bridges I didn't visit this trip.
Chapter 5. Goblins State Park then on to Dead Horse Point State Park and Canyonlands National Park.
Chapter 6. Exploring the fantastic views and geology from Dead Horse Point and the Island in the Sky portion of Canyonlands National Park
Chapter 7. A long drive through south-eastern Utah/northern Arizona from Delicate Arch to Jacob's Lake north of the Grand Canyon including all the wonderful sites along the way that I didn't visit on this trip
Chapter 8. A visit to Pipe Springs National Park and then the trip home