The First Commercial Super Heterodyne Radio
Manufactured by the Radio Corporation of America

the 1924 RCA Radiola model AR812

Trying out Armstrong's newfangled superheterodyne at the radio shop.
Sharp tuning, lots of sound, long distances and no squeals.
Battery operated, this radio has the very latest UV119 radio tubes made for extended battery life.
This is the most technically advanced radio in the entire world and it can be yours for mere money,
but please remember when shopping for this radio, if you have to ask the price, you can't afford it.
Batteries by the Philadelphia Battery Company (Philco) to power this set are sold seperately.

The radio is relatively compact, rugged, operated by batteries and has a handle for easy portability.
Perfect for taking on a picnic, bathing at the shore or listening while driving the motor car.
Now, for a limited time, you can have this radio for about the same as you paid for
your Model T (also shown in the picture).

This radio can be operated from the front porch during those long, beautiful summer afternoons.
Consider how it will attract universal admiration as neighbors stroll by and then stop to listen.

Of course, refined ladies can be shown how to operate this radio so that when the gentleman of the house is at his employment, music may fill the home.  
Ladies of quality and genteel guests will not be offended, startled or embarrassed by loud and unexpected squealing, unlike other radios.
The stylish cabinet of polished wood, the elegant dials and the gracefully curved speaker horn enhances even the finest decor.
No longer will your family or guests be annoyed by having to listen to two or more broadcasts at the same time because
Mr. Armstrong's fabulous supersonic heterodyning radio is the absolute acme of modern radio design.

As implied by the yacht in the background of this advertisement, the customer base for these radios were the very wealthy.
At nearly $300 (in 1924 money, almost $4,000 in today's money), these radios cost almost exactly the same as a new Model T Ford.