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My Short Stories

The Infamous Hurricane Deck Incident
How we rescued my horse
Jeff's History of The Careaga Ranch
Edited by John Fuhring
My African Adventures
Both my first and second trip to Tanzania
 to ride horses and go on safaris
My Family's Life on Samoa Before WW 2.
Pictures and the story of a world now long gone.

An Amateur Geology Road Trip
My recent trip through the Colorado Plateau of
south east Utah and northern Arizona.
A Wild Wild Movie Story
My horse and myself as extras in a Western Movie

. Photo album of our Death Valley
Geology/Biology Field trip


Don And The Ground Wasps


I used to have a bunch of slide show videos of my several geology field trips and my trip down the Grand Canyon posted here on my website, but they were so boring and amateur that I have taken them down.  Besides, nobody was watching them and they never showed up in any web searches.  I am hoping to redo them in short story form and present them soon.  I really have seen some wonderful things on these field trips and I think you will agree with me that knowing a little about the geology behind the beauty makes that scenery so much more enjoyable.  Please return to this page when I get my fieldtrip stuff posted.