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Pine Creek Mine
Pine Creek Mine, Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains

This site does not contain rude or offensive material and it may be viewed by all persons of good taste.  This site is actively monitored for malware and I do my best to keep it safe.

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"A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse."


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Thanks for stopping by.

    Welcome to my vanity web site.  This is a non-commercial site that was created for my own fun and with a hope that visitors will find something fun in it too.  

My Website's Privacy Policy and Disclaimer
     On my word as a gentleman hopelessly mired in the Victorian Age, I promise I will not try to sell you anything or sell any information to anybody for any reason or allow anybody else to do so.  For convenient feedback, I do have a guestbook that require setting a session cookie, but the cookie is used strictly for that purpose.  

     Please be aware that the views, examples, techniques and suggestions are what I believe to be correct and safe, but that I may be grossly mistaken about several things and you should evaluate the wisdom of performing similar things for yourself.  For example, some of the things I've done with my Smith Carbine are considered extremely dangerous and extremely foolish.  I accept no responsibility for you acting foolishly just because I did.   Please realize that I do not and can not accept responsibility for any losses that might follow from visiting my website, especially the loss of your valuable time looking over this boring stuff.

My Website's Content
     I have posted some written stories about some of my silly horseback and jeep adventures in East Africa, a story about a bus trip through East Europe, Russia and Scandinavia, the story of an ill-fated movie I was in,  stories about my family on Samoa before WW 2 and a miscellaneous collection of photos and videos.  There is a story of how I acquired a 1895 Mauser rifle 50 years ago and finally took it hunting last year and a short series of articles where I discuss what I know about shooting and fixing Civil War Era black powder revolvers.  Just lately I've added the story of Samson's near disaster up on Hurricane Deck in the Los Padres National Forest, a story of my foolish experiments with my Smith Cavalry Carbine to get the bullets to go faster and a history of the Careaga Ranch.  For family members, I have written a family history section that is somewhat personal and requires a password.  Finally, there is a new section where I show pictures and tell about the first radio I ever made, how I restored several antique tube-type radios.  One of my old shortwave radios was salvaged from Captain Allan Hancock's Flying Field's junk pile over 50 years ago, another shortwave radio is the kind the G.I.s used to listen to Tokyo Rose on, a beautiful 1936 Fairbanks Morse home radio, my Magnum Ops home made ham radio and I even have a rare battery operated radio that was made by Philo Farnsworth's company 70 years ago. 

     I sincerely hope you will find something in this site that is amusing and entertaining.  I will warn you though, some things are really boring and silly, so be prepared to use your "back" button.  I realize that there are many travelers out there who have been to many more places and have had much better adventures than the ones mentioned here and that my stories (and my amateur writing style) would be, by contrast, pretty lame.  If your own adventures are more extensive and you have an educated writing style, perhaps this will provide motivation for you to write them up and present them for others to enjoy.  At any rate, I'd love to hear or read about your experiences.

Notes On My Guestbook
     Please take a minute and sign my GUESTBOOK.  Your comments and suggestions are very welcome and I will respect your privacy.  The guestbook allows you to post your E-mail address and that can be seen by others if you choose.  For privacy, you may not wish to post your E-mail address.  You also may enter guestbook comments so that only I can view them for ultimate privacy.  As mentioned in the Privacy statement above, there is a session cookie that is set, but is not used for any other purpose.   Please P.M. me at  john@geojohn.org if you would like to request anything (like free schematic diagrams or photos) or have any questions that you think I might be able to answer for you.  Please follow this link to my guestbook.

     Finally, there are a lot of nooks and crannies to this website so please spend a few minutes looking around and see if there isn't something on some back page you might be interested in.  Please remember, if you like my site, tell your friends, but if you don't like it, tell me.  If you have any stories, pictures, Etc. that you would like to post here or if you would like me to link to your web site or blog, please let me know.
Best Wishes,

John Fuhring

This website was created by me, John Fuhring, strictly for entertainment and not to milk anybody out of their money.  Last updated  011/14/2011.