My Family in American Samoa
on the eve of the Second World War
by John Fuhring

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Family quarters for Naval officers.

Officers quarters.  These are probably for the senior officers.

This was my family's quarters.


It's a shame this picture isn't in color.

Inside the quarters looking through a doorway into the porch/living room.

Another view of the porch/living room.

A friend of the family visiting the quarters.  Notice that this
view is looking the other way from the one above.

     In addition to such nice quarters and the beautiful tropical scenery all around them, my family enjoyed the privileges of a Naval Officer of the time which meant that they had a wonderful staff of servants.  The staff included a 'houseboy' who acted as a butler, a maid, a cook and a nanny for the children.  Most of their names escape me, but the butler was named Fautiu (foo-to) and the nanny was Afeanga (aff-ee-unga).  These Samoans became very dear to our family and I'm sure my family was dear to them.  There is a story of how excited the houseboy became when he found out that the High Chief was to pay my father a Royal Visit and how impossible it was to calm him down.  He was so proud that his very own Dr. Fuhring would be honored in the highest possible way by the most revered person in Samoa, he just couldn't contain himself.

     The next page will show pictures of my parents, sisters, Samoan house staff and a friend.

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